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How Did I Begin

written by Saimantick September 12, 2014

It was November, 2012.
The senior school of The Frank Anthony Public School, Kolkata was excited to host the Annual Inter-Faps Triangular Meet, 2012. Students were assigned to their respective department, when one of our seniors Bishal Chakraborty approached the Vice-Principal with the proposal to cover the entire event and with the permission he got, Siddhartha and I tagged along with Bishal and we did cover the entire five day long event. I had little knowledge in photography back then, so all I sought to do was click at random for the perfect moment. Since the event was mainly based on sports like the Basketball, Football and Volleyball, my motive was to capture the perfect timing, for example to capture the exact moment when the player is hitting the football, or the moment when the basketball is about to enter the basket. However the photographs were somehow satisfactory and it was quite an interesting and exciting experience.

I fell in love with the experience.

The running from place to place, trying to click every possible frame, not liking that particular frame and clicking again and finally feeling contented after getting the frame, made me delve deeper into photography.
The next thing I did immediately was to start Facebook Page, Saimantick’s Music and Photography Well I do play my synthesizer, (rarely nowadays) thus added the term ‘Music’ and now Facebook does not let me remove it. I used to click, edit, post anything and everything on the page and was insanely happy when it crossed 500 likes. :P

Few of my photographs clicked with Canon A250 during 2012-14:
Saimantick Bhadra Photography, Saimantick
Saimantick Bhadra Photography, SaimantickSaimantick Bhadra Photography, SaimantickSaimantick Bhadra Photography, Saimantick

I was fortunate to have parents who supported my love and craze for Photography, and needless to say, the time was right for me too!, the craze for Photography was at its peak and t2 was very active towards photography and they made a regular column for photographers in their edition. Getting a photo published in t2 and winning the Photonama Vol. 1 contest was honey sauce added to sugar for me. My parents promised me a DSLR after ICSE.

Saimantick Bhadra Photography, Saimantick

My first DSLR clicked photograph.

Things after that started working as if it was waiting for me to reach till that point. I started using the social media for spreading my work and participating in various photography competitions. One such competition was organised by the Journal of Indian Photography and there I met the person who shaped me up in all spheres. I met Anirban Saha. Initially he was just a photography mentor to me with whom I had my first voice chat and made him review my facebook page. He humbly reviewed the whole page telling me where I was wrong and where I could better my frame. I kept learning from him over the internet till we went for a photowalk. That particular day was another game changing day: it was the first time when I went out for something called a photowalk and I loved every bit of it. Today, he is my elder brother and rightly so.

Few photographs of the first photowalk:
Durga Puja 2014, Saimantick Bhadra Photography, SaimantickDurga Puja 2014, Saimantick Bhadra Photography, SaimantickDurga Puja 2014, Saimantick Bhadra Photography, SaimantickDurga Puja 2014, Saimantick Bhadra Photography, Saimantick

Moving on, it was CamEra, the street exhibition which helped me. The themes were fantastic, for the first phase it was Heritage and Lifestyle of Kolkata followed by Heritage of Bengal in the second phase. Each selected members had to travel to any part of Bengal and capture the culture and heritage of it, the place I chose to cover was Bhishnupur for its Teracotta designs, handiworks and serpent play. That vacation to Bhisnupur helped me to discover the beauty of Bengal and realise how simple yet talented the people of Bengal are.

Few photographs that were displayed at the exhibition:
Love, Saimantick Bhadra Photography, SaimantickKolkata, Princep Ghat, James Princep, Saimantick Bhadra Photography, SaimantickKolkata, Durpa puja preparation, Saimantick Bhadra Photography, Saimanticksnake charmer, Saimantick Bhadra Photography, SaimantickTeracotta, Terracota, Saimantick Bhadra Photography, SaimantickLove, Saimantick Bhadra Photography, Saimantick

Today I have a family of friends, photographers and bloggers under under one large umbrella at Photoadda.in (The MeetUp Group) learning from each other and gaining experience too. Our recent event Social Media in Photography brought stalwarts from the fields of photography and blogging to share their experiences to help the newer enthusiasts in blogging, photography and self branding.

The knowledge I am gaining everyday is helping me to shape up as a better person and I realise that the way I begun was perfect.



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