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Gangasagar Mela | 2014

written by Saimantick February 2, 2014
The Naga Sadhu keeps a watch while having his smoke.
The Naga Sadhu keeps a watch while having his smoke.

Gangasagar Mela is said to be once in a lifetime pilgrimage. Earlier, people coming back home from this prilgrimage, was very rare as they lost their lives in the cold, lack of shelter, stampede, thus from there comes the saying., “Shob tirtho bar bar, Gangasagar akbar” (All pilgrimage can be visited many a times, but Gangasagar only once a lifetime.)

Naga Sadhus from all over India visits this pilgrimage to take a holy dip at Gangasagar.

This was my first visit to the Gangasagar Mela, I heard a lot about the Gangasagar Mela and the Maha Kumbh Mela from my father and I loved listening to him being. I loved to hear how they had long hairs and beards and would dip in this chilly weather that to even before the sunrise. Well, I was equally mesmerized when the car just passed the Eden Gardens Stadium, the way the people from outside Kolkata (made out from their physical appearance) assembled along the pavements and was even having their food cooked mesmerized me. The gathering, the crowd, the arrangements, the facilities was commendable. People flocked from one Sadhu to another seeking for blessings, while I was doing the same, but clicking them. Even some sadhus called me to them to seek their blessings

However, it was really tough to jostle through the crowd and keep my camera intact with everything working and some of the frames that I managed to photograph are displayed below, more on my page.

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