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Kolkata – The Wi-Fi City

written by Saimantick February 7, 2015
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Another first by and for the City. Kolkata is now WifiKolkata.

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Kolkata made history on 5th February 2015 as the Honorable Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee launched the Wi-Fi Facility powered by Reliance JIO 4G at Park Street and is “aiming” to make it “full stretched”. Full stretched Wi-Fi facility mean, the connectivity would be made available through optical fibers embedded deep down under the streets of the city and not from hotspots installed in a particular area. This provides good signal strength throughout and does not get affected during bad weather conditions. The service will be available for Kolkata Municipality areas within two months and it is promised that Saltlake, Howrah, Rajarhat and North 24 Pargana areas will also get to avail this facility by the end of the third month.

The world today is digitally advanced with a rapid growth in mobile phone markets, the mobile phones having far greater utility than calling or texting. It is now also used for having a social identity online and hence for ‘personal branding’. Industries and Entrepreneurs use the internet facility at a wide range and this Wi-Fi zoning of the city is like a gift to them, not mentioning the benefits for the common people or the younger generation.

#WiFiKolkata, #WifiKolkata, Wifi in kolkata, Kolkata wifi launch, mamata banerjee, derek o'brien, tmc, “You enter the digital world of Kolkata today, on the cutting edge of history.”
~Dr. Amit Mitra

The event started with the Mayor of City, Sovan Chatterjee’s speech on how this venture was planned and Dr. Amit Mitra’s speech had an element of nostalgia reminisced about growing up on Park Street along with a feeling of elation of contributing to its transformation in his lifetime.

#WiFiKolkata, #WifiKolkata, Wifi in kolkata, Kolkata wifi launch, mamata banerjee, derek o'brien, tmc,

Mr. Tarun Jhunjhunwala from Reliance spoke on how the team is ready to face all odds and provide the best service of the 4G Wi-Fi connectivity to all the citizens and to cooperate with the initial glitches. Finally Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee revealed how the work of laying the optical fibers were done secretly on the banks of the river Ganga and throughout the streets. Who would have known that 90% of the laying of the optical fibers is already done, it’s all about testing and starting the service. The first tweet of the evening by the Chief Minister marked the official launch of the #WiFiKolkata, followed by the Mayor’s joining on twitter and a Groupie (Group-selfie) by Rajya Sabha MP, Derek O’Brien.

#WiFiKolkata, #WifiKolkata, Wifi in kolkata, Kolkata wifi launch, mamata banerjee, derek o'brien, tmc,

After the speed test result it was shown that the download speed was 441.41 Mbps and the upload speed was 440 Mbps at node. The stretch of the Park Street has 240 routing machines each supporting 40 devices which sum up to 9200 devices, which means 9200 devices can be used altogether without affecting the speed.

Some FAQs:

1. How to use the Wifi?
. As you search the wifi list there will be a network named ‘Jionet’
. You tap on it to connect and then sign in.
. A tab on your web browser opens up automatically and you have to submit your telephone number. (this is the one-time authentication)
. As soon as you submit your phone number, tick on “Accept the terms and conditions” and click submit.
. You will receive an automated text message providing the password. (Password is different for every phone no.)
. Enter the password and DO NOT CLOSE THE TAB.
*Boom* you are connected to the ‪#‎WiFiKolkata‬.

2. When will it be available near my home?
If your area falls under the Kolkata Municipality Corporation then within two months. If not then by the third month from 5th February 2015.

3. Is it unlimited?
Yes. Surfing and download is unlimited but if you try to download a movie now at Park Street, you will be disconnected automatically and you have to login again.

4. Is it free?
Yes. As of now, it is free. Deep sources say that you have to pay after September or October but it will be at a subsidized rate.

5. What is the stretch as of now?
The WiFi connectivity stretches from Mullick Bazar to Chowringhee as of now.

6. What is the highest speed per device?
As recorded, it is 3.05 Mbps on the higher side and the lowest is 0.90 Mbps.

7. Do we need a 4G device to avail this connectivity?
Absolutely not. Any non 4G device can be used to avail the connectivity.

I was a part of the Kolkata Bloggers which is a forum for bloggers of all genres. Kolkata Bloggers was invited to be a part of the #WiFiKolkata and we received special Premium Jio Wifi connectivity even before it was officially launched because Kolkata is thinking digitally, embracing the new media of the recent generation. So if you are a blogger, get your blog indexed at Kolkata Bloggers or visit the facebook page and get in touch with us.

Mr. Derek O’Brien’s tweet with the Kolkata Bloggers team.


If you have a query do drop a comment below. Most frequent question will be added to the FAQ list.