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Tawang – Redefining Nature

written by Saimantick June 10, 2014
Tawang, Arunachal PRadesh, India, Border, China

Tawang, a district claimed by both. The Indians and the Republic of China.

Tawang is located at the northern most part of Arunachal Pradesh, at an altitude of 10,000 feet above the sea level.
The journey begins from Guwahati and one can avail a car or a bus to reach the first stop, Bhalukpong at the end of Day#1.

BhalukpongBe ready to bid goodbye to your cellular networks as soon as the vehicle crosses Tejpur. Mind you, Bhalukpong is a place high on security, as it is the border of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The view was sensational with a garden and a restaurant of ethnic style making up the foreground while the forest covered mountains makes up the backdrop of the picture. Below flows down the river Jia Bharali very calmly and has crystal clear water.

After the night stay at Bhalukpong, the journey towards Tawang continues and the next stop given was at Dhirang. Lets get back to the beginning of the Day#2 of the journey. In order to cross the border and enter Arunachal Pradesh, special permissions are required which must be done prior ten days from your residing state. The real journey begins here. Curved roads leading ahead with hills on one side and valley on the other, further ahead the hill tops get covered with clouds and the roads become hardly visible, the temperature starts falling as we move up to reach the altitude of 7,000 feet and cover a distance of 125 kilometers and finally reach Dhirang.

Tawang TawangTawang
Next morning we start for our final destination, Tawang. The road is very, very uneven with a lot of pot holes, steep and the journey is quite hectic as we reach the altitude of 13700 feet at Sela Pass. Generally people witness snow here but to our ill fate, we witnessed cloud covered roads and hill tops only with no snow at all. From Sela Pass, it is a decrease in the altitude till we reach 10,000 feet which is Tawang. The road to Tawang before reaching the Tawang Gate, is fabulous. You take a deep breath and feel that yes it is, pure, has no pollution and not much dust. The view in front of the car was like an over-exposed photograph.
Jaswant Ghar Jaswant Ghar

Jaswant Ghar

Bunkers on the hill.

Midway falls a very interesting place, which is historic but religiously holy for the army regiment present there. The place is Jaswantghar named after the able and extremely courageous Indian Army, Late. Jaswant Singh. The mountain is filled with underground bunkers where the armies live and spend their day during wars. The bunkers are like an underground home, it has a cook house(kitchen), a dining room, a dormitory bedroom and the online room(*check: ‘On-line’ with all the bunkers and army bases near, so as to make up a small conference hub). During the Chinese Aggression in 1962, there was a point of time when the Indian Army fell short of military regiments and they took 72 hours to reach Sela Pass to support the ever daring Sir Jaswant Singh. He was the only military alive and prevented the Chinese Army from entering India for 72 hours and if that day he would have given up then today east India could possibly had been a part of China. The armies have a belief that even today the spirit of Sir Jaswant Singh stays with them and protects them from all the external attacks, and they even offer the first plate of food near his grave before having their supper. From there the journey is straight to Tawang and rest for that night.

Tawang TawangTawang
This is the final day, to visit the sight scene at Tawang. Though it is a long journey from Tawang, towards the Indo-China Border, the scenic beauty, the temperature, the atmosphere is breathtaking. Well, the word ‘Breathtaking’ can be ironical, as many start having breathing problems due to the high altitude. A range of mountains with snow tops, the beautiful and clear sky, the fresh rejuvenating air would make all the journey and tiredness a worth visit. This brings us to the end of the journey, while returning people may drop at Bomdila and visit the monastry. One can also visit Kaziranga while returning and take a glimpse of the one horned rhinoceros. Some of the photographs are displayed below.



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