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The Party on the 7th

written by Saimantick March 9, 2014

Saimantick Bhadra, Siddhartha Ghosh

It all started from the discussion on a Whatsapp Group during our exams were on :P. We had the Bengali exam the next day, and being bored I pinged everyone in that group and asked “Where is the Party?” I thought that everyone will be Poker faced but to my surprise, Sanhita calmly replied “Barir Chhad”(Roof top). This Roof top idea was quite new to us but somehow after a lot of fuss, it got settled as the party place.
This party was supposed to be the celebration of Siddhartha’s and mine 17th Birthday, as luckily our birthday falls on the day of the first annual exam and the day before respectively. Why a joined party? Well, I was born in 26th February, 1997 at 10:10PM and Siddhartha was born in 27th February, 1997 at 10:15AM, so there is a very small gap of 12 hours and 5 minutes and with this very small gap we consider it as almost together :D. We also share our birthday with Levi Strauss, (an entrepreneur and founder of the company Levi Strauss) 1829-1902, 26th February. It is just that we cannot call him now or else we would have also included him to celebrate jointly :P.

We had five exams left and the wait for the exam to get over, drove as crazy and a desperation grew for a small get together and lots of fun. It was like “Dude, whatever it is we have to meet and we have to have lots of fun.” :P The day began with me settling my room and the bed piled up with books, files, gadgets, and my jeans. This was first day when I actually tried to clean up my room. It was Sanhita who came first and while discussing about how to spend our Forty(40) day long term break, Rahul, Rohit, Saurav and Siddhartha arrives. Madness is ‘when your friend kneels down and acts as your lover to give you the gift’ :P and Rohit did this exactly while presenting me the gift. It was almost full house by then, only Rohini was yet to arrive and Bang ON…!!!, our party starts with a stand up comedy video clip of Vir Das on Love and Marriage, which was seriously hilarious and then started the browsing of movies, playing it once and stopping the next minute, from The Wolf of the Wall Street to American Pie, from Good Luck Chuck to Highway, no one had the patience to watch the whole movie and thus began the photo session. Poses with Rimless glasses, Wayfarers, Mohawk Hair and artificial Smoke, so that people think we had cigarettes :P. The best part was serving the lunch, we had Biriyani and Chicken Chaap in the menu and we created a partial, small mess and we even cleaned up the mess B-). Coming back, the experience of serving the food on our own, heating it before having, staying all alone by ourselves with no parent to guide gave us, a feeling like complete freedom for one day was felt.
Later, during the sunset everyone again ran up to the roof to click photographs, the Photo Session 2 during Godhuli Logno (The orange tinge the sky gets generally during sunsets.) and after the sunset, we finally called it a day. This day will always be remembered as my friends scribbled a small mark deep down in my heart, and I will cherish it till death. This day was so very awesome and so very satisfactory that I did not have a single calorie of energy left in my body, after bidding away all my loved ones, what I did was grab a pillow and a lap pillow and go straight to sleep :).

Saimantick Bhadra, Rahul Poddar
Rohit RayRohini DoloiRahul PoddarSaimantick Bhadra, Sanhita MajumderSaurav Saha, Sanhita Majumder, Rahul Poddar, Rohit RaySiddhartha GhoshSaimantick Bhadra, Sanhita Majumder, Rohini Doloi, Siddhartha GhoshSaurav SahaSanhita MAjumder, Siddhartha GhoshSouptick Bhadra, Siddhartha GhoshSaurav SahaSanhita MAjumder
Photographs by: Saurav Saha, Rahul Poddar, Siddhartha Ghosh and Saimantick Bhadra
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